Stafford Thursday teams well positioned at Christmas break

Congratulations! Almost half of the Stafford teams are positioned 1st/2nd on the ladder at the end of round 13, with almost as many well positioned 3rd or 4th on the ladder.

Don’t drop your guard over Christmas though, make sure you gets some hits in over the Christmas break and come back ready to close out the Season. Good opportunities those first couple of weeks back to capitalise with some quick wins as teams slowly get back into the groove…


Div 3 – Stafford 05

Div 5 – Stafford 06

Div 08 – Stafford 12


Coming a close second

Div 6- Stafford 09

Div 08 – Stafford 11


In the hunt (3rd to 4th)

Premier – Stafford 01

Div 1 – Stafford 02

Div 2 – Stafford 03

Div 3 – Stafford 04


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