Stafford retains Premiership Winter 2014

Wavell hosted the Thursday Premier Grand Final on Saturday 13th September 2014. Stafford beat Sandgate in a close match, by 8 games t0 7, the final score being 2-2, 8-7, 135-132.

How the match played out

Josh Cox opened the proceedings pushing Rhys Dowling with an epic battle which saw Josh Cox come back from 7-10 down in the 5th, to take it to 10-10 and indeed even get 1 match ball at 11-10. However, Rhys was the final victor , 13-11 in the 5th, a great battle and great start to the grand final for Sandgate. Josh losing 2-3, 47-50, but an incredibly valuable 2 games for Stafford.

Nathan Turnbull called himself on next again Lynnford Stephenson. This was always going to be the tough rubber of the afternoon for Stafford and a very tough day at the office for Lynnford. Nathan wasted no time in taking the game to Lynnford, who did his best, but unfortunately lost 0-3, 12-33.

Nathan next called on Dave Cooper against Jordan Till. Dave had not beaten Jordan since November 2011 and in fact lost to him 2-3 in the Summer 12/13 grand final. It was a close fought first game which Jordan won, 11-8. However, Dave fought back hard and eventually won 3-1, 42-31.

This left Sandgate searching for 1 game for a win on points and Stafford needing a win in 3, to win on games.

Joe Feredoes, currently in good form, was left to play out the contest to its conclusion, against Dan Karwalski, an incredibly talented player, who was played 2 in the Summer 12/13 grand final against Stafford. Joe got the first and the 2nd became a very tight match indeed, which could have gone either way. Joes closed out the 2nd for a 2-0 lead. He now needed to go on and close out the match in 3, which he valiantly did, winning comfortably in the last and winning 3-0, 34-18.

Stafford have made the last 8 Thursday Premier grand finals, but this was their first Winter win.

The Players

Stafford beat Sandgate in a close match, by 8 games t0 7, the final score being 2-2, 8-7, 135-132.


Josh Cox (1), Robbie Cargill (2), Lynnford Stephenson (3), Joseph Feredoes (4), Dave Cooper (5)

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