Squash Matrix – Print & or Save Match Schedules to Calendar

Know when your next team match is by printing a draw for the season and or adding to you Outlook or Mobile phone calendar. This is a simple process when you know how, but may be daunting for the first time. This process will ensure you know where you are supposed to be and at what time.

TOP TIP: Please remember, start times are when match play should begin, not arrival at the centre.

The 10 steps below will see you with a printed draw sheet in your hand and an electronic calendar added to your mobile and or Outlook.

1. Navigate to Squash Matrix – Brisbane

2. Select your “Competition” e.g. Brisbane Winter North Pennant

3. Select your “Division” e.g. Thursday Premier Division 

4. Select your “Team” e.g. Stafford 1

5. Select the tab, “Draw”

6. Click “Print” to print a copy of this draw.
This should provide a great 1xx page draw for your squash bag.

7. Click the link at the bottom of the draw to add to your electronic calendar

8. Select “Brisbane (GMT+10.00)”

9. This will create an iCalendar (ICS) file. There’s two ways to use this URL:
e.g. http://www.squashmatrix.com/Feed/TeamDraw/58116?timeZone=E.%20Australia%20Standard%20Time

  • Enter the URL in your browser and Run or Save the file. Then open the file in your calendar software. This will create a static draw that isn’t kept in sync with SquashMatrix. If you are using Microsoft Outlook, this is done through the Import/Export Wizard.
  • Subscribe to the URL straight from your calendar software or smart phone. This will create a draw that stays in sync with SquashMatrix (so you’ll see any draw changes). If you are using Microsoft Outlook, this is done by adding an Internet Calendar.

Some corporate systems may not allow the import of files such as these.

10. Your Match schedule can new be viewed electronically for your team.

Hope this is useful.

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