Stafford Teams

The current teams for Summer 2014/15 are as follows:

North Summer 14/15

These are the provisional team listings post grading's.
Grading meeting was Monday 25th August 2014.

MON DIV01Stafford 01
MON DIV01Stafford 011Euan Aspinall187
MON DIV01Stafford 012Fred Robins156
MON DIV01Stafford 013Merilee Riley61
MON DIV01Stafford 014Nan Clayton44
MON DIV01Stafford 015Jill Crawford44
MON DIV01Stafford 016Pam Semple38
TUE PREMStafford 01
TUE PREMStafford 011Nathan Stevenson340
TUE PREMStafford 012Lynnford Stephenson308
TUE PREMStafford 013Joseph Feredoes305
TUE PREMStafford 014Mike Eyles289
TUE PREMStafford 015Graham Eyles295
TUE DIV01Stafford 02
TUE DIV01Stafford 021Dave Cooper288
TUE DIV01Stafford 022Chris Teoh278
TUE DIV01Stafford 023David Blackburn266
TUE DIV01Stafford 024Alan Jones261
TUE DIV01Stafford 025Dean Taylor245
TUE DIV01Stafford 026Chris Perkins223
TUE DIV02Stafford 03
TUE DIV02Stafford 031Steve Banhuk230
TUE DIV02Stafford 032Richard Ferguson221
TUE DIV02Stafford 033Mike Healy216
TUE DIV02Stafford 034Grant Clayton205
TUE DIV02Stafford 035Michael W Lawrence198
TUE DIV02Stafford 036Kylie McLean (Pan)200
TUE DIV03Stafford 05
TUE DIV03Stafford 051Bob Gibb206
TUE DIV03Stafford 052Tim Roberts205
TUE DIV03Stafford 053Josh Moncrieff187
TUE DIV03Stafford 054Cameron Forster193
TUE DIV03Stafford 055Greg Burrows170
TUE DIV03Stafford 056James Easom144
TUE DIV04Stafford 04
TUE DIV04Stafford 041Kay Kendall193
TUE DIV04Stafford 042Andrew Stephenson174
TUE DIV04Stafford 043Owen Batchelor166
TUE DIV04Stafford 044Steven I'Anson164
TUE DIV04Stafford 045Troy Edge156
TUE DIV05Stafford 06
TUE DIV05Stafford 061Jay Priddis145
TUE DIV05Stafford 062Ross Cardillo138
TUE DIV05Stafford 063Gary Rottenberry146
TUE DIV05Stafford 064Stuart Jones117
TUE DIV05Stafford 065Taylor Jones118
TUE DIV05Stafford 08
TUE DIV05Stafford 081Les McNally138
TUE DIV05Stafford 082Mick Jones147
TUE DIV05Stafford 083Felicity Baker128
TUE DIV05Stafford 084Kerri Kal109
TUE DIV05Stafford 085Gaylene Farley112
TUE DIV07Stafford 07
TUE DIV07Stafford 071Brad Sanderson122
TUE DIV07Stafford 072Tony Herzig101
TUE DIV07Stafford 073Mike Wilkinson89
TUE DIV07Stafford 074Adam Van Haren73
TUE DIV07Stafford 075Michael Sanderson60
TUE DIV07Stafford 09
TUE DIV07Stafford 091Georgia Corpe102
TUE DIV07Stafford 092Bill Lockett104
TUE DIV07Stafford 093Judy Larder90
TUE DIV07Stafford 094Bob Murphy78
TUE DIV07Stafford 095Joy Juster67
TUE DIV07Stafford 096Nan Clayton44
TUE DIV07Stafford 10
TUE DIV07Stafford 101Gary Ryan103
TUE DIV07Stafford 102Stewart Ende88
TUE DIV07Stafford 103Anne-Marie Schmidt80
TUE DIV07Stafford 104Warren Burton84
TUE DIV07Stafford 105David Schmidt68
TUE DIV10Stafford 11
TUE DIV10Stafford 111Glen McNeill59
TUE DIV10Stafford 112Kerissa Reedy39
TUE DIV10Stafford 113Nicole Healy21
TUE DIV10Stafford 114Rita Connolly16
TUE DIV10Stafford 115Noel Ryan20
TUE DIV10Stafford 116Lyndall Schulze20
TUE DIV10Stafford 12
TUE DIV10Stafford 121Carl Brooks63
TUE DIV10Stafford 122Marg Heisner31
TUE DIV10Stafford 123Yvonne Bancroft35
TUE DIV10Stafford 124Gail Murphy17
TUE DIV10Stafford 125Narelle Murphy13
THU PREMStafford 01
THU PREMStafford 011Josh Cox339
THU PREMStafford 012Robbie Cargill327
THU PREMStafford 013Lynnford Stephenson308
THU PREMStafford 014Joseph Feredoes305
THU PREMStafford 015Dave Cooper288
THU DIV01Stafford 02
THU DIV01Stafford 021Graham Eyles295
THU DIV01Stafford 022David Blackburn266
THU DIV01Stafford 023Rodney Plumb256
THU DIV01Stafford 024Dean Taylor245
THU DIV01Stafford 025Sue Williams236
THU DIV01Stafford 026Chris Perkins223
THU DIV01Stafford 027Bill Morris226
THU DIV02Stafford 04
THU DIV02Stafford 041Steve Mawn236
THU DIV02Stafford 042Trevor Bell230
THU DIV02Stafford 043Blair Steele214
THU DIV02Stafford 044Warren Cowling219
THU DIV02Stafford 045Ken Parish214
THU DIV02Stafford 046Noel Tesch216
THU DIV03Stafford 03
THU DIV03Stafford 031Lindsay Kliendienst235
THU DIV03Stafford 032Wayne Wood237
THU DIV03Stafford 033Connor McNeill206
THU DIV03Stafford 034Euan Aspinall187
THU DIV03Stafford 035Oscar Schmidt179
THU DIV03Stafford 05
THU DIV03Stafford 051Paul Kennedy247
THU DIV03Stafford 052Steve Banhuk230
THU DIV03Stafford 053Lee Molkentin202
THU DIV03Stafford 054Tim Roberts205
THU DIV03Stafford 055Josh Moncrieff187
THU DIV03Stafford 056Doug Vickery188
THU DIV05Stafford 06
THU DIV05Stafford 061Dean Ironfield195
THU DIV05Stafford 062Earl Gibson175
THU DIV05Stafford 063Murray Bell159
THU DIV05Stafford 064Jay Priddis145
THU DIV05Stafford 065Grant King150
THU DIV05Stafford 066Daniel Faulke148
THU DIV05Stafford 07
THU DIV05Stafford 071Andrew Culpepper173
THU DIV05Stafford 072Adam Collins161
THU DIV05Stafford 073Ian Bradley160
THU DIV05Stafford 074Peter Weir146
THU DIV05Stafford 075Steve Rushton128
THU DIV05Stafford 076Ethan Stephenson92
THU DIV05Stafford 08
THU DIV05Stafford 081Owen Batchelor166
THU DIV05Stafford 082Andrew Stephenson174
THU DIV05Stafford 083Steven I'Anson164
THU DIV05Stafford 084Ross Cardillo138
THU DIV05Stafford 085Gary Rottenberry146
THU DIV06Stafford 09
THU DIV06Stafford 091Fred Robins156
THU DIV06Stafford 092Mick Jones147
THU DIV06Stafford 093Barbara Mawn135
THU DIV06Stafford 094David Holt126
THU DIV06Stafford 095Kerri Kal109
THU DIV07Stafford 12
THU DIV07Stafford 121Darren Quine144
THU DIV07Stafford 122Derek O'Connell102
THU DIV07Stafford 123Dale Allen89
THU DIV07Stafford 124Steve Quine95
THU DIV08Stafford 10
THU DIV08Stafford 101Noel Stanley141
THU DIV08Stafford 102Travis Bassett120
THU DIV08Stafford 103Brad Thiedecke94
THU DIV08Stafford 104Bob Murphy78
THU DIV08Stafford 105Gary Gray80
THU DIV08Stafford 11
THU DIV08Stafford 111Nick Merrett114
THU DIV08Stafford 112Navron Quixley111
THU DIV08Stafford 113Ben Crosby112
THU DIV08Stafford 114Shaun Cox86
THU DIV08Stafford 115Cliff Wallman93
THU DIV08Stafford 116John Russo96