Squash Matrix

What is the Squash Matrix?

The Squash Matrix is a Web-based Squash Ranking System developed to improve the method of ranking players. Unlike player average systems which are based on the result of a pennant game at a specific division and position, this new ranking system is based on player versus player results.

There are multiple benefits from this player versus player system;

  • Results are not swayed by reserve players playing up divisions
  • More than just pennant games can be included into the rank results eg. Challenge Matches, Tournaments, Virtual Tournaments, Social Comps. Juniors
  • States can be combined to create a national ranking system

The Matrix is completely web-based. This means that the information is instantly accessible to a very high percentage of players. It also means that the results can be updated by multiple people concurrently from any location with web access.

Why is it called Squash Matrix?

This squash ranking system has been nicked named “SquashMatrix” because at the heart of the ranking system is a matrix of points that are added or subtracted to a players rating depending on the result of the games and the relative ratings between the two players.