Important: Squash Membership Changes affecting ALL players

As of 1st January 2017 major changes are happening in Australia, and they affect all squash players!

Membership changes

Membership and affiliation is changing to an annual calendar year membership starting 1st January 2017. We will walk everyone through the changes to explain what this means.

Previous system

Up until December 2016, Players and fixture match fees affiliated them to QSquash/BCS, giving each player access to the squash matrix. Player insurance was through the “pay as you go” (PAYG) system for Brisbane. This means that this was paid by ALL players, that played BCS competition, had approximately $3 from their $16 match fee go to QSquash/BCS for expenses every time every time you played.

In addition to this, membership to Stafford Squash Club (club for the members) was charged annually at a cost of $30 p.a. This covered the many benefits of being a member of this great club and is due to expire at the end of the Summer season.  This was paid by bank transfer or in person at the centre and was managed by the club committee.

Changes explained

From 1st January 2017, all players will be required to affiliate directly to Squash Australia via the online portal at Sporty HQ, each calendar year. There is an annual cost for each player to join and is mandatory for those who wish to continue playing competition squash, therefore anyone who does not join, is unable to play competition squash. BCS fixture fees have already dropped, from $16 to $13 per person from 1st January 2017, as the affiliation costs will now be covered by the annual payment.

This initiative has been driven by Squash Australia and is not optional. Brisbane City Squash, Q Squash and all Brisbane squash clubs, have to follow this new regime. This does bring squash inline with many other sports who require annual registration and often much larger fees!

In addition to this, membership of Stafford Squash Club will also be collected through the same system, to simplify the process for everyone, players and club committee. This does however mean we will transition to a calendar year also, therefore we have discounted the membership to $20 for 2017, as most are already covered till end of March.

Membership details

All players must join for 2017 calendar year by end of this Summer season, Thursday 6th April 2017.

The 2017 membership cost for Stafford Squash Club is $110. The breakdown of the membership/affiliation fee is as follows:

  • $24 Brisbane city squash
  • $66 Q Squash affiliation
  • $20 Stafford Squash Club

The membership/affiliation fee covers/includes:

  • Brisbane City Squash affiliation
  • Q Squash affiliation
  • Squash Australia affiliation & player insurance
  • Access to squash matrix & members portal
  • Club membership & benefits

How to join

Log in on the Sporty HQ website and click “renew membership”

Instructions for joining are available by clicking here.

If you have any For more information please speak to Kylie or a member of the committee.

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