Stafford Squash Club

Stafford Squash Club is one of few remaining clubs with a management committee elected directly by member players. They put the interest of the players first. The club builds on the strong platform that the centre environment delivers.

The squash club consists of a committee, volunteers and its members to operate arguably the largest and most successful squash clubs in Brisbane, if not Australia.

The club organises the competition teams and represent the teams at grading. The members then operate the raffle, bar and food service on competition nights. Teams are allocated one or two nights a season, on a rotation basis, to run the service that evening from Court 4. Thursdays see the club room frequented, often to the early hours.


The club is responsible for organising many tournaments each year. This includes the marketing and advertising, organisation, and services on the day, such as BBQ and cold drinks. Some of the common events organised each year are:

  • Masters
  • Famous 4PLAY Doubles
  • Stafford Closed
  • Juniors
  • Annual Christmas party by the pool
  • and many many more…

The club is also responsible for the development and maintenance of the website.

If you’ve read this far – it’s time for you to join!