Teams & Grading

The following guidelines apply to ALL Stafford Squash Club teams.

Team Details

All teams MUST have a nominated captain.

The nominated captain is responsible for co-ordinating the team.

The team and captain is responsible for ensure a team is fielded each week.

If a team is unable to pull together a team for a given match, the club can cover the costs of players playing twice, and if necessary, forfeits.
See Team Replacement & Re-imbursement Guidelines

Grading Process

Teams are organised by the Stafford Squash Club, through the club captain and other committee members who assist. Teams are shared throughout the process and then finalised with all members. The club will record the requested division for that team and look at the likelihood of getting that division, based on currently submitted teams.

The teams are generally submitted and graded by the BCS, prior to finals. This can be frustrating for teams that make or win finals, and then perceive they have been dropped. The club will endeavour to support the teams request to get the teams into their desired division, but this will not always be possible.

The BCS grade all of the teams submitted, confirming acceptance of the submitted teams and then placing them in divisions. This process takes the BCS 4 to 8 hours and has a member of each club in attendance. The meeting is always held during working hours, so attendance is difficult for those who work (this is not the reason why). The squash matrix is then updated with all finalised teams and match schedules.