Brisbane City Squash competition


The Brisbane City Squash (BCS) operate the squash competitions in Brisbane. There is Southside, Northside, Daytime and Juniors competitions. The competition is run by Brisbane City Squash (BCS) and they are responsible for grading the teams, managing the schedules and maintaining the competition.

There are competitions on the following days:

  • Monday eve
  • Tuesday eve
  • Thursday eve
  • Friday daytime

The competitions are all operated and communicated to players on a system operated by SportyHQ. This is a web based system which lists all the teams, players, clubs, competitions, match schedules and results.

Click here to view Brisbane City Squash on SportyHQ

Stafford Squash Club are in the Northside competition. There are primarily 2x seasons a year,

  • January to June
  • July to December.

The BCS are responsible for grading, (organising the submitted teams into the appropriate grades), entering the teams, scheduling the matches and finals, and maintaining the competition.

Score Squash

Scoring for the BCS competition is completed using a mobile device app called Score Squash. This will show the upcoming matches applicable to you and will auto update the results into the system.